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Home Learning

Here at Stoke School we encourage home learning to take many forms. We place as much value on sport, music and family experiences as we do on more structured and directed homework.

We do encourage our children to read at home on a regular basis. Junior schools students will be introduced to reading books at school and these will be sent home for practice and review. Our tamariki visit our school library regularly and have the opportunity to get books out. In addition to this we are making use of our local library here at Stoke. We encourage our tamariki to have a library card in their name.

Links to explore;

Stoke Public Library

Here is the link to our collection of recommended online learning material. This is optional.

distance learning.PNG

Here are some active movement links:

                                                             juggling, skipping, hop scotch

You can join websites for active movement too:

                                                             SPORT NEW ZEALAND


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