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Annual Reporting

The annual report is one of two key accountability documents that boards of trustees are required to use to inform and report to stakeholders such as the Ministry of Education, Members of Parliament and, most importantly, parents and the wider school community.

The annual report contains the annual financial statements that show how the Board has applied its financial resources to achieve its charter goals.

The annual report also contains an analysis of variance between the planned aims, objectives, directions, priorities, or targets and what the school actually achieved during the year.

2023 School Annual reporting

Analysis of Variance and Annual report - UNDER CONSTRUCTION

2021 School Annual reporting
2020 School Annual reporting
2019 School Annual reporting
2018 School Annual reporting
2022 School Annual reporting
2024 School Annual reporting

SchoolDocs - policies and procedures

Stoke School uses an online service called SchoolDocs to manage our policy and procedure. Staff, BOT members and whānau can log on to the unique to Stoke School site to view our important documents, check the review cycle and provide feedback on the content and implementation of specific policy.  


Go to            Username: stoke                             Password:  wearestoked


NB: When you are in you will see how to navigate the site on the left side of the screen.

Click on the Current Review tab at the top of the home page, wording then choose the name of the policy to review. Read the policy, then choose the red 'Review' icon at the top right of the page. Choose parent/caregiver from the drop down menu, put your name in if you like then to rate the policy and its use. You can add comments if you want.

It helps us to get our policy and procedure right if parents/ caregivers give us their feedback!

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