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“Tū iti tū tonu mai”


We are proud, humble and will keep striving.


What’s Coming Up

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Covid19 update

February , 2023

There are active cases of COVID in our community.

This is a general notice about unwell children.

There are community cases of COVID-19 and other germs/diseases going around. When calling in about unwell children could you please be a bit more specific about symptoms. We have some children who are immuno-compromised and we would like to be able to send a general message about symptoms in the community.
On that note we ask that children who vomit are away for 48 hours after their last vomit.
Also we ask that children who have COVID-19 be away for 7 days.
Children with measles should be away for 10 days. This is about stopping the spread of illness.

Also letting you know we have many absences in room 1 and room 6 this week. We will update you. We cannot tell you why people are away but we can tell you to look out for symptoms and take care.
Currently there is COVID-19 in the community and there are many sore throats and colds. We do have some COVID tests at the office that you can take to check if you need to know for your household.



The Stoke School PTA are proud to share these events with you:

Disco 7th December


Stoke School are proud to share these events with you:

End of Year Assembly 13th December at 11:10am

End of Year Thank you morning tea 13th December at 10:20am

Last day of school - December 15th at 12:30pm

no lunches on this day


Lost property - we have this available at school between rooms 4 and 5. Large while cupboard.

Second hand uniform - available at the office. Limited sizes in stock at the moment. 

Stationery - available from the Office Max online - or see the office for a list.

2023 - Ending the Year!

With only a few weeks left in the school year we thank you for your support during the year.

Our small community has had some challenges this year and we are very proud of how our tamariki support each other and reach out to help each other.
 Well done team!

The Board of Students organised a plain clothes day this year and also raised funds for cerebral palsy. They identified environmental issues in the school and are still working to complete their project of labelling our water drains. They have been an amazing team. One of the leadership skills they have worked really well on this year is to take information back to class and to bring ideas and requests to meetings. They are amazing at  sharing points of views other than their own. 

The Board of Trustees have worked this year to understand the educational language and reporting and planning that occurs in school. There is a lot of learning in this, as education is full of acronyms and less than plain English. As well as policies and plans for how we can support our Ākonga to achieve. A huge thank you to Karen, Bryar, Soraya, Greg, Sarah (staff), Mel (who resigned) and to Tamsin and Marty who joined us in their own right as replacement member and co-opted member to create a balance in the Board. 

So as the end of the year approaches we encourage the return of property borrowed and used during the school year.

Also if you have ideas or questions come to coffee/tea and biscuits on a Friday from 2:30pm in our shared community space. This happens every week. Bring a friend - pre-schoolers most definitely welcome!

I look forward to seeing you before the end of the school year! :-) 

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